Enthralled with Greek history and the rich legacy of Greek gods and goddesses, Konstantino Sioulas developed an endless fascination with the artisanship of the earliest Greek jewelry designs. Says the designer, "This is why our jewelry is different from any other. Our designs are timeless and universal. They come from the core of civilization and the elements of the modern world." Throughout time, artisans have paid homage to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. In his own tribute to this magnificent goddess, Konstantino has devoted a lifetime to creating modern expressions of ancient Greek jewelry. Konstantino jewelry is known throughout the world for its unique designs and remarkable artisanship. All Konstantino adornments are still individually crafted in Athens and are created from sterling silver and 18 karat gold. Collections are inspired by the art, architecture, mythology, and people of Greece as fused through the designer's creative genius.

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