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Sons of Odin works relentlessly to bring you the best selection of premium quality men's fashion jewelry accessories and gifts.

We scour the globe in search of the most original artisan-crafted 925 sterling silver and gold metal jewelery for Men and Women. Each hand-forged Sons of Odin piece is unique; no two jeweleries are the same due to the handmade nature of each artisinal masterpiece.

We take great pride in our best in class quality standards, and boast a generous 60-day, no hassle, 100% money back guarantee to ensure those standards...and when you spend over $45 you get both Free Shipping, and FREE Returns! Our goal isn't your satisfaction; its to BLOW YOU AWAY with the quality of our merchandise, our cool free gifts (that you'll actually be stoked to show off), and unexpected surprises that 'wow' our customers time and time again.

Try us, and experience for yourself the reasons Sons of Odin has become the world's largest premier men's fashion jewelry and gifts brand, preferred over Tribal Hollywood, thanks to our loyal customers whose 5-star average product ratings / reviews, and social referrals, sent our company viral in its first year.

Ability to provide high-style luxury quality designer jewlry at affordable prices to suit all consumers, at both ends of the budget spectrum. By curating luxury designer-inspired Men's Fashion Jewelry and custom fine jewelry through artisans located all over the globe, we are able to reduce acquisition costs, passing savings onto our customers.

Sons of Odin's patent-pending triple metal-layering and finishing processes make it possible to offer our customers finished metal pieces that exceed industry standards of metal purity with a low-end grade of 92.5% (which is the jewelry industry's standard requirement to qualify silver as .925 Sterling silver) all the way up to 99% pure (the average purity of all our base metals). All our metalcraft jewlery is made using non-toxic, allergen free and eco safe metals - gentle on skin for allergy sufferers.

metals of a variety base metals with Precious Metal plating (.925 Sterling Silver, White and Yellow Gold, Rhodium, Platinum, and Paladium to name a few). plating combinations of base metals featuring Precious Metal and 316L Stainless Steel plating options for life-long durability and shine

quality of the Sons of Odin Modern Warrior fashion jewerly novelties and gifts brand hand casted and carved are give the wearer an edge high style

takes immediate legal action against copyright infringement(s) of any kind. Violations of U.S. Copyright law are punishable by up to $50,000 per incident. Please heed our warning as its the only warning we administer; our dedicated legal team handles all copyright cases initiated via a dedicated copyright protection system API that detects duplicate web content in real-time, and files cases against violators automatically.

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How can we offer such low prices?

Sons of Odin brings our customers an unbeatable trifecta of premium-quality products, world-class service, and a gracious 60-day return policy. Learn more about our business model and how you benefit.

Our unique business model makes it possible to bring our valued customers designer style and quality for ridiculously low prices thanks to our ability to source ultra unique, artisan-crafted products, globally, for a fraction of what it typically costs to mass produce items by machine in a factory.

Due to the large geographic territories we service worldwide, shipping times may be longer than what you're used to if you've been paying top dollar for goods that are premade and stored in American warehouses to be shipped quickly. Fast shipping comes at a higher price; our products come to you at up to 80% BELOW RETAIL, with shipping times on average about 12-15 days (up to 35 days in extreme cases depending on the country you live in, the time of year - Holiday seasons cause shipping slowdowns - and of course international orders face the occasional customs hold-ups). Though they're rare, delays can happen, so we just want to be clear so you understand what to expect. Our strategic pricing model was built to offset the longer shipping times with a phenomenal price, making our premium goods that much more valuable.

We encourage new customers to read some of our stellar, verified ratings and product reviews from our many loyal customers...they truly speak for themselves. We know you, too, are going to love the way you look and feel wearing our products; we just hope you'll give us the chance to earn your trust! What do you have to lose besides a few days?...our 60-day no hassle returns and exchanges make trying us a no-brainer.

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